If you want to translate any of our projects into another language, please read the following:

-We only give permission to a group by language, but if you have permission and manga not work for two months, another group is free to perdir permission to do so, your license is valid and the other group as well.

-For permission to translate a manga sends the following data to our e-mail or the contact form:

*Name of the manga to be translated

*Language you want to translate

*Name of your group

*your group's website


This information must be submitted in Spanish or English, another language is not accepted

Rules if you use our translation and / or scans:

*Do not remove the leaves from credits.

*Put any link on your site's link to our website

---Mangas with permission---

>>Onyanoko Darling<<

Manga Cosmo in italian
Aozora Team in French

>>Ore Yome. - Ore no Yome ni Nare yo<<

Cherry Blossom Team in French

>>Kedamono ni Lollipop<<

Manga Cosmo in italian
Aoki Scan in Portugués

>>Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo<<

Aoki Scan in Portugués

>>Chikai no Kiss wa, 16-sai<<

Aoki Scan in Portugués

>>Shoujo, shoujo, shoujo na no<<

Aoki Scan in Portugués

>>Kedamono ni Lollipop<<

Aoki Scan in Portugués

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